Punta Norte Orca Research is located on Península Valdés, a remarkable World Heritage Site, situated approximately 900 km south-west of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Keep in mind that by road the distance is much longer; ~1,400 km. Punta Norte is the ‘North Point’ of the peninsula where a small nature reserve is found. At the nature reserve is the public viewing area ‘El Mirador’.

The entrance to Punta Norte public reserve. Photo PNOR.

There are various ways to reach Punta Norte; you can arrive via Trelew or Puerto Madryn (where there are a range of hotels). Another option is to stay on Península Valdés itself at Puerto Pirámides or one of the Estancias. Regardless, you must travel overland to reach Punta Norte and again there are a variety of options from organised tours by commercial operators to self-drive options. We suggest that you do a search online to find the option that best suits you.

Puerto Pirámides, the nearest village to Punta Norte. It has great whale watching, accomodation, restaurants, a gas station, diving and lots more. Photo PNOR.

Please be note that on the drive out to Punta Norte, approximately 75 km of the road is unsealed (dirt/gravel road). This road MUST be driven with caution (so always allow extra time in your schedule). There are no stores or bathrooms. The only gas stations is at Puerto Pirámides. PLEASE BE AWARE: there are wild animals (and occasionally sheep) who also use these roads.

A guanaco (Lama guanicoe) native to South America, on a side road at Punta Norte. Photo PNOR.
The road to Punta Norte on a foggy morning. Photo PNOR.
Be sure to check the road conditions (see our Frequently Asked Questions section for details). The roads can be closed due to weather or accidents. Photo PNOR.
‘El Mirador’ (The Lookout) at Punta Norte. Photo PNOR.
Looking for orca at El Mirador. Photo PNOR.

If you are heading out to Punta Norte, please see our FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) page for information and links about the time of the year, tides, road conditions and weather. If you are searching for Punta Norte on your GPS or via the internet, try searching for “Lobería Punta Norte” (the sealion colony) in Chubut Argentina or Cafe Punta Norte as these are both at the same location as “El Mirador” (the Lookout) where the viewing area is. There are simple restrooms at Punta Norte, but please ensure to take your rubbish home with you and don’t leave it in this protected wildlife area. Thank you.

We look forward to seeing you at Punta Norte! Photo PNOR.