Our Thanks to All Supporters

Punta Norte Orca Research was founded in 2004 and like all field projects it has been supported by a dedicated team of people. Given the longevity of the project the support has come in various forms; from donations of air-miles to waterproof cases, from funding to field equipment and a whole range of things in between. We have had amazing folks donate to help protect these animals. Funding has helped purchase field equipment such as radios, but also to build fences to protect the sealions (and the other wildlife, including the orca). Please see our ‘Help the Orca‘ page to see some of these projects.

The Magellanic penguin (Spheniscus magellanicus) typically nests in shallow burrows. Vehicles driving in sensitive beach areas can crush these nests. Photo PNOR.

Our key field support entity has been Estancia La Ernestina, which has provided so many different aspects to keep the project running. This has included accommodation, meals, vehicles and much more. They also keep our seal and whale rescue emergency gear on standby. The PNOR project functions side-by-side with La Ernestina as the owner is also our Co-Founder, Juan Copello. His long-term dedication to the field research each season has been the key to better understanding these orca.

Juan, with his field research kit of camera gear (in his backback), Swarovski binoculars, hand-held radio and appropriate foul-weather gear (for sitting on the beach in the cold wind). He is being filmed by Hayes as part of a behind-the-scenes sequence for a documentary about the orca and the research that is being conducted on them. Photo courtesy of Ingrid Visser.

We would also like to thank the following people for their support.

  • Guillaume Blanchard
  • Cory & Seeky Briggs
  • Miguel Diez
  • Dirk Düvel
  • Mark Enarson
  • Annika Fritsch
  • Terry Hardie
  • Nicolas Schuhle
  • Walter & Silvia Streit

If we have missed your name off this list apologies! If you would like to have it added please do contact us so we can rectify that immediately.